Lunch Dates

holding-hands-1149411_1280Finding the time, resources, and money for date nights is hard to come by and few and far between for most couples. You gotta find a babysitter and pay them on top of what you are spending on your night out. You worry if the babysitter will get the kids in bed on time, what your kids will convince them they can eat (e.g. candy, juice, knives, the family hamster), if they can get the little one to take his bottle, what time you need to be back home, etc. etc.

That said, my hubs and I have been having lunch dates every week. We are lucky because we both work remotely, and I rent a cool office space right in the middle of a bunch of restaurants that is only 10 mins from our house, where my husband works. So I know this is not possible for most couples, but if it is DO IT! Our kids are in preschool so we don’t have to arrange for a babysitter or worry if they are ok or what time we need to be back. It’s a stress free date where we get to be a normal couple and talk about adult things again. Highly recommend it!

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