Irrational Mom Fears or Just Good Planning?

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I was out to dinner with another mom friend of mine the other night and we got to talking about our irrational mom fears. It was nice to hear that I’m not the only one that has these crazy thoughts.

What our plan was if someone broke into the house? Do I try to leave? Do I fight? Do I comply? I have decided that I grab my older son and then go to the baby’s room and push the screen out of his window and go through the window, kids in hand, and call the dog and have my heart break if he didn’t come.

What we do would do if there was a fire? Should we practice this with our 3 year old boys?

I also have this fear about something happening to me between the trunk of my car and the driver seat. You see, I put the boys in the car, close the doors, and then put the stroller in the trunk. If something happened to me in the 5 steps between the trunk of my car and the driver seat my boys would die from the heat, stuck in the car, the worst thing ever. These are thoughts I have…and I will now not close the doors of the car until I’m in it.

I have also imagined what I would do if I were at my kid’s school during a school shooting (sad I even have this thought) and what I would do if someone hijacked a plane I was on…so my mind wanders.

Do Dads have these thoughts too? What are some of your scary thoughts?

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