Welcome to Life with Littles


Hello! Welcome to this blog! I hope it serves more as a community instead of a 1 way conversation of me talking at you. Please feel free to use the comments to say “That happened to me yesterday!” or “Try putting their chicken nuggets in honey mustard” or “I just spit out my coffee all over my screen.” or “My kids are perfect, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” It takes a village to raise kids and it warms my heart when someone helps me or when I get to help someone else. It’s also nice to make jokes, vent, bounce ideas off of each other, or just get something off your chest…other than that spit up on your shirt. As this community grows I will try to make improvements to the site to make it more of a free form that people can submit, share and connect with others on. Also please follow and add us on your Social media. Excited for this adventure with all of you!

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