It’s Ok to Have a Favorite Child

GirschFamily53 (1)They say that you can’t have a favorite child. But let’s be honest, that’s not true. Your favorite child is your dog (if you have one). He doesn’t need anything from you but love and food. He loves you unconditionally, even if you had to tell him he’s a bad dog today. He is waiting at the door when you get home. He loves all of the food you give him no matter how good of a cook you are or if he had the same thing yesterday…or for years. He doesn’t color on your walls with crayons, you don’t have to wipe his butt (although picking it up isn’t so glamorous), you don’t have to take off of work when his school is closed, he doesn’t leave his dinner on the table every single night after you went out of your way to make it after a long work day. He’s your favorite because…well…he doesn’t talk. 



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