There’s No Such Thing As Other People’s Children

I love all of the kids at our preschool. They are all a part of our little community and family. Every year when my kids go into new classes at camp or school I want to get to know each of the kids in their rooms. Whether it’s trying to tell incredibly identical twins apart or encouraging a little boy to go cut paper with my son when he’s crying after his mom dropped him off. A mom saw me doing this and said, “You are so good.”

I can’t imagine doing anything else! If my son was crying and I wasn’t there I hope someone else would comfort him or get him involved in an activity so he snaps out of it. It made me think of a quote from @glennondoyle who I LOVE, when she says, “There’s no such thing as other people’s children.”

I feel like when you become a parent you grow something inside of you that feels for all children. Which makes anything from sad movies to family separation at the border so much more heartbreaking.

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