What Are You Listening to These Days?

I used to be really into music. This was B.C. (before children). I even worked in music for 5 years; at a sponsorships company, at a venue, on the road, at a record label, and on a radio show. So naturally I also had a lot of friends that were really into music, and people would ask me now and again what I’m listening to lately.

These days if someone asked me that my answer would be: the Hercules soundtrack, The Muffin Man song, Nemo the musical, and a couple painful songs from Woody the Woodpecker movie. (I avoid Baby Shark like the plague.) See my older son is really into music, but mostly that of Disney soundtracks and he wants to listen to them in the car and at home. He doesn’t want to listen to The Beatles, or Fitz and the Tantrums or ANYTHING I would deem normal music.

I have very little time in the car without my kids and I have a hard time working with music on because I’m either writing or reading emails and I can’t help but sing the lyrics when I listen to songs, so writing or reading doesn’t really work while singing. During my precious time in the car alone I definitely put on something I want to hear like Against Me!, The Avett Brothers, Manchester Orchestra, Young the Giant, etc. but this is so few and far between. It’s pretty sad that I really don’t get a lot of time for my music these days. How can I get my kid to like real music? Help.

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